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Streamlined Medical Billing Solutions Tailored for Alabama Healthcare Providers

At RCM Centric, we understand the intricate challenges healthcare professionals face in managing their billing processes. That’s why we offer comprehensive medical coding services customized to fulfill the unique requirements of medical practices across Alabama. From charge entry to analytics and reporting, we provide a one-stop solution to streamline your practice’s financial operations.

Comprehensive Billing Services for Alabama Practices

Registration and Demographics

We employ simple and accurate methods to register new patients, ensuring all demographic details are kept up-to-date and accurate.

Charge Entry

Our experienced team initially verifies coverage and benefits before accurately entering patient visit details into the billing software.

Claim Submission

We guarantee prompt claim submissions within 24 hours, accompanied by daily submission reports for transparency and accountability.

Insurance Verification

With meticulous attention to detail, we use live calls and web portals to conduct verifications of medical plan coverage and benefits for private and commercial insurance.

Payment Posting

Our payment posting team is trained to post payments to patient accounts efficiently via all types of software typically used in the industry, ensuring accuracy and accountability.

Clearing House Rejections

We utilize advanced billing processes to track claim rejections and automatically address errors.

Denial Management

Our denial management team operates tirelessly to appeal to insurance companies on denied claims.

A/R Recovery

Our expert A/R team focuses on old A/R recovery and follows up on claims, rejections, and errors to ensure optimal financial performance.

Quality Assurance

Our dedicated quality assurance team ensures each claim is sent accurately and error-free, maintaining high standards of billing integrity and compliance.

Benefits Of Our Services

Unlocking the Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing

We provide almost all the benefits that come with outsourcing medical billing from us. Our third-party coverage allows you to comply with stringent local policies without even lifting a finger. Here is a list of benefits offered by RCM Centric through our medical billing solutions for healthcare providers in Alabama:


Enhanced Cash Flow

By outsourcing your medical billing to RCM Centric, you can experience better cash flows with faster claim submissions and maximized reimbursements.


Reduced Costs

Our cost-effective solutions help reduce expenses and accelerate your revenue cycle, allowing you to scale your practice beyond boundaries.


Medical Coding Expertise

Our team of medical coding consultants is well-versed in Alabama's unique billing requirements and regulations, ensuring efficient and compliant billing processes.


Efficient Financial Performance

With timely submissions and proactive handling of insurance companies and patients, we help you achieve optimal financial performance.


Transparent Reporting

Whether you need advanced reporting for physicians or specialists, we break down each stage of the billing process to meet your specific needs.


Advanced Analysis

We provide detailed analysis reports tailored to your custom requirements, offering insights to help you make informed business decisions.

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Ready to elevate your practice revenue and streamline your medical billing processes in Alabama? Partner with RCM Centric today to experience the difference our advanced billing solutions can make for your practice. Let us be your trusted partner in delivering quality patient care!

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