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RCM Centric specializes in enhancing your medical practice's financial health through customized DME/Ambulatory medical billing services.


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Comprehensive Revenue Cycle Management Designed for Your Specialty

At the heart of RCM Centric’s services is a bespoke approach to revenue cycle management (RCM) designed to meet the unique needs of various medical specialties. From charge entry to detailed analytics and reporting, we provide a full spectrum of DME medical billing services. Our goal is to streamline your practice’s billing processes, allowing for improved cash flows and enabling you to focus on patient care without financial distractions.

Tailored Billing Solutions Across All Medical Specialties

Registration / Demographics

Our simplified patient registration process ensures accuracy in every detail, facilitating seamless practice management.

Charge Entry

Our precise charge entry system guarantees accuracy from the outset, minimizing errors and maximizing reimbursement potential.

Claim Submission

Experience swift and accurate medical claims solutions that maintain a steady flow of revenue for your practice.

Insurance verification

Benefit from comprehensive coverage verification processes that optimize reimbursement rates and minimize claim denials.

Payment Posting

Our efficient posting processes ensure that account balances reflect accurate and up-to-date financial information.

Clearing House rejections

Prompt resolution of clearinghouse rejections ensures uninterrupted processing and movement of claims through the system.

Denial management

Our proactive approach to denial management minimizes revenue loss by swiftly addressing and resolving denied claims.

A/R Recovery

Our diligent A/R follow-up efforts focus on securing revenue from aged accounts maximizing your practice's financial health.

Quality Assurance

Rest assured that every claim undergoes rigorous quality checks, ensuring compliance and accuracy at every stage.

Specialized Support for Unparalleled Revenue Growth

Experience the perks of teaming up with RCM Centric for your DME in medical billing tasks. You’ll enjoy a range of benefits, like boosting your monthly earnings and simplifying your revenue workflow. Think of it as outsourcing with added peace of mind – we handle the delivery and compliance, so you can focus on what matters most.


Specialized Expertise

RCM Centric boasts unparalleled industry knowledge and experience, enabling us to offer specialized solutions that precisely align with each client's unique requirements and challenges.


Proactive Denial Management

Our proactive approach to denial management sets us apart, as we employ innovative strategies to minimize claim denials and optimize revenue recovery for our clients.


Customized Reporting and Analytics

With our advanced reporting and analytics capabilities, we deliver tailor-made solutions that provide clients with comprehensive insights and actionable data for informed decision-making and performance improvement.


Comprehensive Compliance

RCM Centric prioritizes compliance, ensuring strict adherence to regulatory standards and requirements, thereby mitigating risks and safeguarding clients' interests in a constantly evolving healthcare landscape.


Exceptional Client Support

At RCM Centric, we prioritize client satisfaction, offering unparalleled customer support and personalized service. Our dedicated teams are committed to providing prompt assistance and addressing clients' needs with the utmost care and professionalism.


Innovative Technology Solutions

Using the latest in technology and automation, RCM Centric delivers innovative solutions that streamline processes, enhance efficiency, and drive superior outcomes for our clients, setting new standards in the industry.

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