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RCM Centric provides customized billing solution from charge entry to analytics and reporting for all medical specialist and practices.


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We know from experience that healthcare professionals often worry about things they should not. Therefore, we come to the provider’s aid and care for the billing matters. We process each claim after quality and complaint checks to ensure you get maximum reimbursement. This way, you can entirely focus on delivering quality care while RCM Centric’s teams work on your practice billing and coding.

Your On-Demand Services Stack

Registration / Demographics

We follow simple and clean methods to register new patients to the practice and keep all the details accurate.

Charge Entry

After coverage and benefits verifications our team enter accurate patient visit to the billing software.

Claim Submission

We submit claims within 24 hours after verifying all the required details as well as daily submission reports.

Insurance verification

Plan coverage and benefits verifications for private and commercial insurance through live call and web portals.

Payment Posting

Posting payments to patient’s accounts accordingly. Our payment posting team has ability to work on all software’s.

Clearing House rejections

Our billing process is advanced that keep tracking claim rejections and fix automatically.

Denial management

Our denial management team work on denied claims and appeal to insurance companies if needed.

A/R Recovery

Our expert A/R team works for old AR recovery and follow-up on claims, rejections, and fix errors.

Quality check

Our quality assurance team works only to monitor quality work so each claim sent accurate and error free billing.

Benefits Of Our Services

Benefits of Outsourcing

Here is how medical billing solution by RCM Centric will assist you as a provider. You will get most of the benefits for free with the services of your choice. We always deliver best results to boost your monthly collection and streamline the revenue process.

It’s just like outsourcing the results. RCM Centric will be responsible for the delivery and compliance.


Better Cash Flows

Cash flows act as the lifeblood of any organization, and healthcare providers are no different. Our professional revenue cycle management services offer experienced professionals who can expertly handle different types of medical claims on the first submission.


Quick Submission

Providers get to experience faster claim submissions on their behalf. Not only that, but we provide technologically advanced solutions from the get-go. In brief, we ensure easy filing of all the details, maintaining a certain speed for reimbursements. Practice beyond financial restrictions.


Expert Teams

Our team of expert medical coding consultants is the answer to all the pressing concerns around medical billing. In short, it is precise and to the point. You can expect timely submissions alongside the proactive handling of insurance companies and patients.


Denial Management

The team here at P3Care timely reports if they find any problems related to submissions, including errors and omissions. It is our transparent approach that keeps our providers updated about the statuses of claims and reasons for delays.


Advanced Reporting

Detailed analysis reports are submitted to physicians and specialists as per their custom requirements to help them make smart business decisions. We also break up each stage of the process as per the needs of clinicians belonging to different specialties.


Reduced Costs

Once you decided to outsource medical billing to us, you are about to cut down on the costs drastically. It is the right mix of skills, experience, and resilience that allows us to accelerate your revenue cycle. Let us put a lid on expenses together and scale beyond boundaries.

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Team Await's

Whether you need to grow your team’s capability with technical skills, boost revenue, or want a team that can hold things operating smoothly and growing as fast as you can say ‘what’s next, RCM Centric augment provides the suitable talent and strategic resolutions to develop, scale, and manage your medical practice – at pace.

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