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Revenue Cycle Management
For Each Medical Specialty

For more than 10 years, we’ve been helping physicians, clinics, group practices, and hospital-owned physician groups with their medical billing and coding tasks. Establish and grow a healthy practice with RCM Centric's advanced medical billing & coding including unique strategy and integrated technology.

Advanced Medical Billing & Coding
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Increase Your Practice Revenue By 15%-20%

Maximize Profitability & Minimize Errors With RCM Centric

RCM Centric is an advanced medical billing and coding partner with a focus on HIPAA, Security and Accurate Claim Process. Whatever your practice size, specialty or location, you will find services and expertise matching your practice requirements.

Looking for faster payment processing for your medical billings? Wish to reduce billing overheads on various specialty billings that you frequently generate? RCMC’s medical billing services ensure that your billings generate higher net collections and that too in less time. RCM Centric offers advanced medical billing & coding services for a wide range of healthcare specialties.

Medical Billing and Coding Progress

Unlock explosive revenue growth with honest, connect and empower your Practice with accurate claim process.

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Medical Billing Services

Offering End-To-End medical billing from demo entry to payment posting with advanced monthly or weekly reporting so you can notice what's going on.

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Medical Coding Services

Outsourcing your medical coding services to expert coders at RCM Centric enables you to optimize your revenue while reducing compliance risks.

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DME/Ambulance Billing Services

Forget your worries at leading DME billing in the USA, You can boost your revenue by using our 24/7 durable medical equipment (DME) Billing and Coding experts.

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Hospital Billing Services

Working with RCM Centric, you enjoy the long-term benefits that comes with our revenue cycle specialists providing efficient billing services to hospitals.

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Medical Practice Audit Services

Want smooth practice? Our billing and coding experts will initiate an audit for you to find billing issues and make your practice up-to date with latest tech.

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Credentialing & Enrollment

Credentialing process is managed by our experienced team that help you navigate the process of provider enrolment and credentialing with insurances.

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Telehealth Billing Services

Connect with your patient easy and get automated billing solution. We help providers to connect with patient virtually with integrated technology.

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Patient Help Desk Services

RCM Centric provides dedicated Help desk services for hospitals, medical centers, health clinics and private doctor's practices all over the United States.

Connect for a free Practice Audit to build out your tailored improvement plan

Why RCM Centric?

Modernize + streamline your practice to smooth,
accurate, and serve—on the fly.

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Billing and coding key processes so you can understand and improve operations—as it happens.

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Improve your practice billing and coding errors and streamline maximum collections.

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Dream up and deliver more care to your patients' that advance your practice health.

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With RCM Centric your practice will achieve the results set for success in a very short time.

One-Stop Shop Solution

A Solution For Every Needs

At RCM Centric, we recognize that Practices, Facilities and Hospitals needs to be as flexible as its patients are important. And that’s a challenge we readily embrace. So whether you’re a doctor trying to streamline your collection, or a hospital looking to optimize patients claims capacity, RCM Centric has the expertise to get you on your way with advanced medical billing & coding strategies.

Grow medical practice

Scale Medical Practices Revenue

Here's how RCM Centric can benefit your Practice

For ambitious practices around the United States, RCM Centric makes moving revenue growth as simple, borderless, and approachable as the rest of the healthcare technology. Our teams are experienced in each medical specialty to streamline your practice collection.

Eliminate all pain points in your practice

Working with a medical billing services partner will save your facility a significant amount of time and effort.

Significantly Increases Collections

Our process is simple and error free which decrease denials and rejections which result in greater practice revenue.

Predictable Cash Flows & Increase Revenue

Our certified professional billers scrub claims before sending off to payors. This leads to faster claim processing.

No excuses - 100% accountability

One account manager is your single point of contact and accepts 100% accountability for achieving optimal results.

It’s Easy to Use & Monitor Progress

You don’t have to worry about learning anything new when using our medical billing services.

Solutions By Specialty

Customized Billing Solutions For Your Medical Specialty

From charge entry to payments pros, making an informed decision takes the right information. Instead of wasting your time pushing and pulling reports, RCM Centric delivers everything you need, neatly in our operations and billing team when you are.


What Our Clients Saying

"RCM Centric Medical Billing has helped me increase my practice size and my bottom line. The company and their staff are great with my patents and tough with insurance companies. Since switching to RCM Centric, I don't have to worry about being paid for a procedure. They make sure any and every treatment is accounted for."

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B. Frederick Bodie, M.D. Dermatologist

“RCM Centric Medical Billing has more than doubled our collections since we started our relationship with them. Not only are they aggressive and good at what they do, they are also professional and easily accessible.”

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Dr. Olivia DMD Interventional Radiologist

“RCM Centric's level of professionalism has left an excellent impression. Our group was lucky to have found them and they rescued us from the outdated service of our former biller.”

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Charla Evans, D.O. Family Medicine Physician

"I began working with RCM Centric 2 years ago. They are incredibly knowledgeable and very professional. Their billing and coding teams are highly skilled and have the experience to handle any specialty. My collections doubled when they took over the billing and coding tasks. Their cooperation and expertise are greatly appreciated."

Donna Arkin Cancer immunologist

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    Medical Practice Audits

    Get Free Practice Audit

    Achieve the highest level of coding accuracy’s. Identify the overbilling of services from charge capture audits. Improve overall billing integrity by optimizing front-end and back-end billing processes. Achieve financial and data-quality goals.