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In the dynamic landscape of healthcare, efficiently managing the revenue cycle is crucial for the success of medical practices in Arizona. At RCM Centric, we offer comprehensive medical billing services that are custom-built to meet the unique needs of healthcare providers in Arizona. From insurance verification to A/R recovery and reporting, we provide the best solutions to streamline your financial workflows.

Why Choose RCM Centric?

Registration and Demographics

Our simple and efficient registration processes ensure accurate patient data entry, enabling smooth billing transactions and reducing the risk of errors.

Charge Entry

With meticulous attention to detail, our team verifies coverage and benefits before entering accurate patient visit details into the billing software.

Claim Submission

We submit claims promptly within 24 hours, accompanied by daily submission reports for transparency and accountability.

Insurance Verification

We conduct comprehensive live calls and web portals for the verification of plan coverage and benefits for private and commercial insurance, ensuring timely reimbursements.

Payment Posting

Our dedicated payment posting team, equipped to use all types of medical software, ensures timely and accurate payment posting on patient accounts.

Clearing House Rejections

The RCM Centric advanced billing process tracks claim rejections and automatically fixes errors.

Denial Management

Our denial management team works diligently to appeal denied claims and maximize revenue recovery.

A/R Recovery

Our A/R team handles everything that relates to old A/R recovery by following up on claims, investigating rejections, and fixing any kind of errors.

Quality Check

Our various teams work in tandem to provide error-free and accurate billing through detailed quality checks.

Benefits Of Our Services

Unlocking the Benefits of Outsourcing Medical Billing

At RCM Centric, we understand the complexities and challenges that healthcare professionals face in managing their billing processes. Our team of medical billing experts is dedicated to providing efficient, secure, and compliant billing solutions. This way, you can clear your plate of all the billing matters and focus on delivering quality patient care. Here are some benefits of working with us to optimize your healthcare practice revenue in Arizona:


Cash Flow Enhancement

By entrusting your medical billing to RCM Centric, you unlock the potential for improved cash flow through expedited claim submissions and optimized reimbursements.


Cost Reduction

Benefit from our cost-efficient solutions, which not only lower expenses but also hasten your revenue cycle, empowering you to expand your practice without constraints.


Specialized Expertise

Our team of seasoned medical coding consultants possesses in-depth knowledge of Arizona's distinctive billing regulations, ensuring the effectiveness and compliance of your billing procedures.


Streamlined Efficiency

Through prompt submissions and proactive engagement with insurance providers and patients, we facilitate the attainment of peak financial performance for your practice.


Comprehensive Reporting

Whether catering to physicians or specialists, our comprehensive reporting breaks down each billing stage to align with your specific requirements, fostering clarity and accountability.


Precise Analysis

Receive meticulously crafted analysis reports tailored to your exact specifications, furnishing valuable insights to guide your strategic business decisions.

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Want to elevate your practice revenue in Arizona? Get in touch with RCM Centric today to get the best billing and medical claims solutions in the country. Let us help you achieve financial success as a healthcare provider!

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