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As one of the most reputable medical billing companies in California, we understand that healthcare providers often have concerns that are beyond their scope. To alleviate their stress, we provide medical billing services in California and manage all billing-related issues. Our skilled teams thoroughly examine every claim to ensure that it complies with quality and regulatory standards, thereby maximizing your reimbursement. This enables you to focus exclusively on delivering exceptional care while we take care of your practice’s billing and coding requirements.

What Do We Bring To The Table?

Registration and Demographics

Our simple and accurate registration and demographic processes prioritize patient experience.

Charge Entry

We verify coverage and benefits to ensure fair and accurate charges for patients.

Claim Submission

With our efficient medical claims solutions, we submit claims promptly and with all necessary details verified beforehand.

Insurance Verification:

We verify private and commercial insurance coverage and benefits to provide reliable information.

A/R Recovery

We recover old accounts receivable, follow up on claims and rejections, and rectify errors.

Payment Posting:

Our payment posting team ensures that payments are accurately posted to patients' accounts.

Clearing House Rejections

We track and resolve clearing house rejections automatically with advanced billing processes.

Denial Management

Our team identifies and addresses issues that result in denied claims and appeals if necessary.

Quality Check

Our quality assurance team ensures that every claim is sent with accurate and error-free billing.

Benefits Of Our Services

What Benefits Do We Offer?

If you’re looking to optimize your medical billing in California and increase your monthly collections, RCM Centric has a variety of solutions that can help. Here are the benefits:


Improved Cash Flows

Maintaining a steady cash flow is essential for the success of any business, including healthcare providers. RCM Centric can provide you with the necessary skills and expertise to handle medical claims accurately and efficiently.


Faster Claim Submissions

RCM Centric acknowledges the importance of timely medical billing. Therefore, we provide state-of-the-art solutions that simplify the process of submitting all the essential information and ensure swift reimbursements.


Expert Teams

Our team of medical coding consultants can address all your concerns related to medical coding in California. We take a proactive approach to handling insurance companies and patients, ultimately saving you time and money while ensuring that your practice runs smoothly.


Transparent Denial Management

We believe in transparency in managing claim denials and report issues promptly, keeping providers updated on claim status and reasons for delays. You can focus on patient care while we handle claims management complexities.


Customized Reporting

Our thorough evaluation documents are personalized to cater to the requirements of medical professionals and experts in California. This will enable you to make well-informed decisions about your business and enhance your financial cycle management.


Reduced Costs

If you're looking to reduce your medical billing expenses, consider outsourcing this task to RCM Centric. We only employ highly skilled and experienced professionals who possess the necessary resilience to boost your revenue cycle and facilitate business expansion.

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If you are looking to improve your team’s expertise, boost your earnings, or want a team that can effectively manage and expand your healthcare business, RCM Centric’s medical billing services are the perfect solution. We can provide you with the best talent and tactical strategies to help you scale up, build, and run your medical practice efficiently and seamlessly.

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