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As a leading name among medical coding services in Houston, we recognize that healthcare practitioners often encounter issues that fall outside their expertise. To ease this burden, we offer comprehensive medical billing solutions in Houston, addressing all billing-related concerns. Our expert teams meticulously review each claim to ensure it meets all quality and regulatory benchmarks, thus ensuring you receive your due payments. This frees you up to concentrate on providing top-notch patient care while we manage your billing and coding needs.

What Sets Us Apart?

Patient Registration and Data Collection:

Our processes for registration and demographics are streamlined and precise, enhancing the patient experience.

Charge Capture:

We assess coverage and benefits to guarantee fair and correct billing for all patients.

Claims Processing

Our medical claims services are designed for speed and accuracy, ensuring claims are submitted without delay and with all necessary information verified.

Insurance Confirmation

We conduct thorough verifications of both private and commercial insurance coverage and benefits, providing dependable data.

Payment Allocation

Our team ensures that payments are correctly applied to patient accounts.

Handling Clearinghouse Rejections

We automatically address clearinghouse rejections using sophisticated billing technology.

Denial Resolution

Our experts pinpoint and tackle the root causes of claim denials, appealing when required.

Accounts Receivable Management

We pursue older receivables, managing claim follow-ups and corrections with diligence.

Quality Assurance

Our quality control team verifies that each claim is processed accurately and without errors.

Benefits Of Our Services

How Do You Benefit?

Choosing RCM Centric for your medical billing and coding Houston means enhancing your practice’s monthly revenue collections. Partnering with us brings several advantages:


Steadier Cash Flow

For healthcare providers, a consistent cash flow is crucial for sustained operation. RCM Centric equips you with the proficiency needed for precise and efficient claim management. With our experts handling your billing, you can divert your focus to other business areas, knowing your financial inflow is secure and operations smooth.


Quicker Billing Cycles

We understand the significance of prompt billing and offer smart solutions that streamline the submission process, ensuring rapid reimbursements. Our approach minimizes submission delays, enhancing the efficiency of your billing operations.


Dedicated Professional Team

Our team of coding and billing specialists addresses all your concerns, saving you time and money while ensuring your practice's seamless operation. We engage proactively with insurance carriers and patients on your behalf.


Transparent Handling of Denials

Our commitment to transparency means we communicate openly about any claim denials, providing timely updates on claim statuses and explanations for any setbacks, allowing you to concentrate on patient care.


Personalized Reporting

Our detailed reports are customized to meet the specific needs of healthcare professionals in Houston, aiding in informed decision-making for your practice and improving your financial management.


Cost Reduction

Outsourcing your medical billing to RCM Centric not only reduces your operational costs but also connects you with a team dedicated to enhancing your revenue cycle and supporting your practice's growth.

Join Us For Enhanced Revenue Cycle Management!

If your goal is to refine your team’s expertise or find a partner for efficiently managing and growing your healthcare facility, RCM Centric’s medical billing services are your ideal choice. We offer top-tier and advanced billing solutions to help you elevate, develop, and smoothly operate your medical practice.

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