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Medical Billing Services

Offering End-To-End medical billing from demo entry to payment posting with advanced monthly or weekly reporting so you can notice what's going on.


Medical Coding Services

Outsourcing your medical coding services to expert coders at RCM Centric enables you to optimize your revenue while reducing compliance risks.


DME / Ambulatory Billing Services

Forget your worries at leading DME billing, and you can boost your revenue by using our 24/7 durable medical equipment (DME) Billing and Coding experts.


Hospital Billing Services

Working with RCM Centric, you enjoy the long-term benefits of our revenue cycle specialists providing efficient billing services to hospitals.


Practice Audit Services

Want smooth practice? Our billing and coding experts will initiate an audit for you to find billing issues and update your practice with the latest tech.


Credentialing & Enrollment

Our experienced team manages the credentialing process, which helps you navigate the process of provider enrolment and credentialing with insurance.


Telehealth Billing Services

Connect with your patient easily and get an automated billing solution. We help providers to connect with patients virtually with integrated technology.


Patient Help Desk Services

RCM Centric provides dedicated Help desk services for hospitals, medical centers, health clinics, and private doctor's practices throughout the United States.

What Our Clients Saying

Advanced features help practice’s scale to success without hassles!

Joshua Flores Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

“I started my own practice less than a year ago. When I started, it was just me. I didn't have money to afford staff or even to do my billing. I was doing everthing on my own. I was introduced to Mark from RCM Centric, and from then on, things changed. I was able to see more patients. My practice grew, and now I'm able to afford hiring staff and continue to grow and expand. If I had a chance to do this all over again, knowing what I know, I would have called RCM Centric from day one.”

Dr. Olivia DMD Interventional Radiologist

”RCM Centric Medical Billing has more than doubled our collections since we started our relationship with them. Not only are they aggressive and good at what they do, they are also professional and easily accessible.”

Donna Arkin Cancer immunologist

“I began working with RCM Centric 2 years ago. They are incredibly knowledgeable and very professional. Their billing and coding teams are highly skilled and have the experience to handle any specialty. My collections doubled when they took over the billing and coding tasks. Their cooperation and expertise are greatly appreciated."

Charla Evans, D.O. Family Medicine Physician

“RCM Centric's level of professionalism has left an excellent impression. Our group was lucky to have found them and they rescued us from the outdated service of our former biller.”

B. Frederick Bodie, M.D Dermatologist

"RCM Centric Medical Billing has helped me increase my practice size and my bottom line. The company and their staff are great with my patents and tough with insurance companies. Since switching to RCM Centric, I don't have to worry about being paid for a procedure. They make sure any and every treatment is accounted for."