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Medical Coding FAQ's

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Medical Coding FAQ's

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Every service (test, office visit, injection, surgical procedure, etc.) in the provision of medical care has a numeric code associated with it designed to provide some commonality of terms in order that the companies who pay the claims (health insurance companies, HMO’s, etc.) can identify the patient’s problem, and the service provided sufficient to allow them to pay on a predetermined basis under the care and coverage limits of an insurance plan. The codes are also used for statistical data. The CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) codes exist for an office call, an injection, an x-ray, right on to the most detailed brain surgery. International Disease Codes (ICD) are the number systems assigned for diagnoses, even patient complaints (headache, upset stomach, etc.). The combination of using these codes, ICD and CPT, tell the payer what was wrong with the patient and what service was performed.

Our mix of qualified and competent medical billing specialist’s drive our solutions to more than 32 billing specialties
The first requirement is medical terminology training (or a good background in medicine, such as nursing). Formerly, it took two to four year college programs to learn coding, however, currently training is available through technical schools, correspondence courses, and simple, concise, yet thorough on-line home study programs such as ours.

Our trained professionals would help your clinic to come at par with ICD -10 as the clinic’s requirements. We consult and verify changes to be implemented and train your staff accordingly.

We want to provide you with the best service possible; hence thousands of in-house Billers and hundreds of Medical Billing companies are registered with us across all 50 states, whose services can be acquired instantly.

We take care to provide customized attention to each account, depending up on the requirement, we assign Medical Billing professionals and an account manager who you would receive reports from regularly.

Yes. Each of our AAPC (American Academy of Professional Coders) certified medical coders have had 4 years of experience in specialized healthcare domains. Since we believe in specialty coding expertise, each of our medical coding teams specializes in different sections of medical coding. So whether your healthcare domain is pathology, surgery, orthopedics, obstetrics or anesthesia, our medical coders have the relevant experience.

All our medical coders have the following certifications-

  • AAPC Certifications
  • Up-to-date HCPCS Certifications
  • 4 years of medical coding experience

According to the OIG, coding errors, misrepresentations, system integrity and security are some of the most common risk areas in medical coding. From experience, we know that the most common medical coding errors occur due to the following reasons.

  • Assigning any code
  • Sequencing codes
  • Linking codes
  • Modifying codes
  • Adding modifiers
  • Correcting codes
  • Changing codes

Forms with missing information are uploaded in a Pending Transactions List (PTL), which may be accessed by your secure web log-in. You will be able to review and update any missing information. This information is instantaneously imported into our system, avoiding any delays for claim submission.

We are a team of medical coders, billers and RCM specialist working in this field since 2008. Our team structure is unique and professional to provide all services at high standard priority, so each client can work with us smoothly.

We provide services to all healthcare providers within the United States. We are covering each state and expending our services for all regions.

YES, once you contracted with us, we will assign you a dedicated account manager with a team of expert billers and coders who will work on your Practice / Account.

Yes, our data migration teams work closely with new customers to ensure a smooth transition. We provide the necessary templates to your former billing company so that they can compile data in a format that is compatible with our system. After receiving data in the required format, we will import it into our platform for you, completely free of charge.

Don’t hesitate to contact the sales team and schedule an appointment for 15-30 minutes; our team will assist you accordingly. If you need quick help, call us at (415) 530-2893 or email us at [email protected].